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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Real Grass Dog Mat

  • Why is PUPPY LOVE MAT preferred over artificial grass mats for your pet?
    PUPPY LOVE MAT provides your pet with a healthy, safe and organic “REAL GRASS” outdoor experience. In contrast, artificial grass pet mats, which are manufactured from petroleum based materials, may be unhealthy for your pet. There are a wealth of articles on the Internet and our blog site which support the link between artificial turf grass and the possible link to cancer. Check it out! In addition, the airborne toxins from dog urine and your dogs stool.
  • What are the different uses of PUPPY LOVE MAT?
    PUPPY LOVE MAT may be used for your pet’s training, play, travel, leisure, events and social distancing.
  • In what environments may PUPPY LOVE MAT be used?
    There are many different environments that you can use PUPPY LOVE MAT. Our product is specifically designed for outdoor use including aggregate surfaces, balconies, decks, patios, porches, terraces and travel and events.
  • What are the benefits of PUPPY LOVE MAT?
    PUPPY LOVE MAT utilizes “REAL GRASS” for a truly natural, healthy, safe and organic experience. In addition, our product is environmentally friendly, cost efficient, easy to maintain, and requires no paid subscriptions. You control when grass requires replacement rather than a paid subscription controlling you. PUPPY LOVE MAT also allows you to maintain social distancing especially in potentially crime based areas.
  • Can PUPPY LOVE MAT be used indoors?
    PUPPY LOVE MAT is primarily designed for outdoor use. Because PUPPY LOVE MAT requires light watering of the grass, any attempt to use our product indoors may cause damage to interior floors and furnishings due to the run off and drainage of water from our product. Under these circumstances we are not responsible or liable for any interior damage. Likewise, we are not liable or responsible for any exterior damage beyond our control. We also encourage avoiding the use of any indoor products due to the stench released from dog urine and dog stool. The toxins released from your dogs urine and feces contains ammonia which may cause health issues for you and your family.
  • Is PUPPY LOVE MAT easy to maintain?
    Yes! Periodic watering to keep grass hydrated is all that is required to sustain the grass and keep it looking green and fresh. Please note! Exposure to the elements may dictate the amount of water required to maintain the grass for your PUPPY LOVE MAT. Watch for the following signs. Drying and discoloration of grass may mean lack of water; Conversely, the yellowing of the grass may indicate too much water. Try to maintain a healthy green grass color for you PUPPYLOVE MAT. To further sustain the grass for your PUPPY LOVE MAT, hose down areas affected by your pets urine and fecal matter. Use the following guide to maximize the sustainability of the grass for your PUPPY LOVE MAT. RECOMMENDATIONS! If MORE SUN........then MORE WATER. If LESS SUN........then LESS WATER. If HIGH TEMPERATURES........then MORE WATER. If LOWER TEMPERATURES (-70 F) ........then LESS WATER. Also note that your mat comes with drain plugs to assist in water retention. Conversely, periodic draining and hosing down of the mat floor will further guaranty a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your pet.
  • How does the cost of maintaining PUPPY LOVE MAT compare to other real grass pet mats?
    This is where PUPPY LOVE MAT outperforms its competitors. Hydroponically grown and other real grass pet mats may require a paid subscription plan. A paid subscription plan requires periodic and frequent replacement of your pet mat grass and can cost hundreds of dollars per year to maintain. PUPPY LOVE MAT requires sod replacement at your discretion and at your option about once per month. We do not require for you to be obligated by a subscription. Note, the frequency of replacing grass is determined by the amount of use the grass receives. The more frequent your dog uses our product, the more frequent the replacement of grass. Conversely, the less PUPPYLOVE MAT is used, the less frequent the replacement of grass. We encourage you to water down contaminated areas which may contain fecal coliform bacteria. This group of bacteria includes the specific bacteria E. Coli which can cause cramps, diarrhea, serious intestinal and kidney illness, and even death to people who ingest contaminated water. Dog urine contains urea (nitrogen). When dog urine dries it may release a high amount of ammonia in the air. A high concentration of air born ammonia may be toxic to humans. The real benefit of using a soil based sod grass is that the microbes in the soil accelerate and aid in the decomposition of your dog's stool and urine by means of periodic hosing down of the affected area. The annual expense to supply sod for your PUPPY LOVE MAT 30X30 inch "Small" should represent a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for a subscription based dog mat under a different brand. Larger sized PUPPY LOVE MAT products, requiring more grass, will understandably cost more money to replace sod on an annual basis. But compared to other products, PUPPY LOVE MAT should be much more economical to maintain. Please Note! Depending on the geographical area you live, the price which you pay for replacement grass will vary. Regardless, compared to other real grass pet mat products, you are not committed to a subscription with our product thus, putting in control of when the grass is replaced. Thus, the $avings you appreciate with PUPPY LOVE MAT is substantial. Please check with your local retailer for current sod availability and pricing.
  • What is the return policy should I purchase a PUPPY LOVE MAT and not be completely satisfied with the product?
    “YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE!” If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with PUPPY LOVE MAT, return product to us in its original box within 7 days from the date received for a full refund not to exceed the purchase price of the net dollar amount you paid. Other than receiving your purchase damaged, you are required to pay any and all return shipping charges. Based on the net total purchase price of your order, returns are subject to a re-stocking fee of 15%. Please notify us immediately should PUPPY LOVE MAT come to you damaged! Failure to disclose any damage to your purchase once you have received may null and void any and all refunds to which you are entitled. Oasis1World LLC is not responsible for any damages sustained to PUPPY LOVE MAT while in your possession including any damages sustained to your purchase due to accidents, mismanagement, or acts of God.
  • Are purchases limited to the United States, and what form of currency is required for my purchase of PUPPY LOVE MAT?
    At this time, your purchase is limited to the United States. You are required to pay in US Dollars for the purchase of your PUPPY LOVE MAT and all other related products purchased through our website.
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